You are the Universe of love

We are here for you, to serve you,

To help you remember,

Who you are in essence,

Why YOU are here on this planet, our mother, Earth,

To help you feel grounded in the world,

And connect with your true Nature, connecting with Earth and Universal elements,

To guide you in seeing and experience the illusion of Human existence, of Self,

Assisting you in understanding who you are as a Human being,

To help you remember you are infinite Love and Light,

We bring ways for healing and to find acceptance, true-knowing and understanding,

To embrace life and experience abundance for all that is,

For global awakening and unity-consciousness,

We are here to help you remember, to serve you, to love you,

Open up your heart, the gateway to your Soul, the gateway to your Conscious infinite being,

So that finally, we can become One and come home,

Remember my love, we are bound, connected as one,

You are the Universe of Love.

"Bewustwording is niet alleen liefde en licht; het is door de modder wroeten, nóg meer lagen afpellen, duizend keer weer opnieuw diezelfde oude pijn tegenkomen. Maar de bevrijding die er dan ontstaat… ahhhh, dat is het goud." ~ Michelle

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